Le moulin de Valaurie - Hôtel et restaurant 3 étoiles


Menu - SEPTEMBER 2016

3 courses September menu : 36€
A la carte : Starter 16€ - Main course 24€ - Dessert 12€


Duck liver with caramelized Espelette peppers, served with sweet "Cévennes" onion & rosemary honey marmalade
Feta cheese carpaccio, with crisp garden vegatables & purslane leaves
Watermelon & tuna, dressed with olive oil from Nyons & fresh galangal

Our chef's special, created with fresh garden & market produce

Main courses

Fresh cod steak skin roasted & served with a vegtable ratatouille
Angus beef flank steak with béarnaise sauce made from fresh herbs and roasted baby potatoes
Swiss chard & thinly sliced rabbit meat pie with reduced marjoram sauce
Suggestion of the day


Nectarine from local farmer Mr Favel, with fresh verbena sorbet & verbena liquor from Eyguebelle
Hazelnut spice streusel, strawberry jelly & white chocolate mousse with lemon ginger confit & strawberry sorbet
Apricots from local farmer Mr Favel,roasted with rosemary honey & served with iced almond milk
Raspberry tiramisu, with fresh local raspberries & rhubarb confit


All of our dishes are house made, made from raw products and when possible regional sources. Our meat is of E.U. origin.